A Universal Online Casino Strategy

If you’re a frequent player of online casino games you’re likely to have tested several different strategies and systems to help you win.

After testing your latest system, if it works you start playing for real money using the roulette or blackjack casino strategy you just learned. At first you win, but then nothing.

As the sessions progress, you learn a new online casino strategy the next day. After some insider trading such as the use of bonuses, we here at Gambling Happy have gained some experience. And for the latest strategy we have teamed up with CasinoGurus.

In addition, we have been able to maintain a relationship level with our contacts, whether they are casino players, platform owners, accreditation bodies or online gaming software. We have a few online casino winning tips and tricks to share.

Why us and not another guide for players? We have been here for over 5 years and have always sought to improve the experience of players at online casinos. And to get there, we had to check one thing: can we really win at the online casino?

The Different Types of Online Casino Strategies

You may have come across a number of strategies, techniques, systems or tips for winning at an online casino. But what is it that really works?

To begin with, you have to differentiate between an online casino strategy and a gaming system. A strategy can be defined as an action plan designed to achieve a result, but unlike a system, a strategy is not a set of fixed rules.

The game systems, tactics or techniques for winning, on the other hand, are generally linked to very specific individual decisions or situations.

Next, it is important to note that with some casino games, the use of gaming systems does not work. Take table games for example, in Baccarat there is no way to affect the expected outcome.

On the other hand, with dice games like Craps, the number one online casino strategy is to know how to calculate the odds of a result falling, because it allows you to make the right bet. While we have no control over what outcome will fall, controlling the odds is a big advantage.

As for table games, although card counting has been known to work well in real casinos (which we do not recommend as today they result in penalties and a casino ban), and books such as Beat the Dealer are a scam. There simply is no such thing as a truly effective system, especially when it comes to online slots.

What works as a trick to winning at the slot machine

For many, winning is the most important thing.

This is what contributes to entertainment, especially when it comes to online slot games.

How to increase your chances of winning at slot machines, you say?

You might expect to be given the secret of slots and we will do it: there is no tip or trick to winning.

We’ve tested slots a lot, from land-based to the latest online releases to traditional Book of Ra style slots. We’re not saying there is no such thing as a scam casino, but the math and psychology do all the work:

Choose to play free slots before switching to real money mode. This allows a good familiarization, and by opting for the fictitious, the games are easy to access to get acquainted with, to discover the wagering requirements, special offers, the jackpot, etc. Basically, it allows you to get ahead of the casino and organize the wagers not only according to your gaming budget, but also to your advantage.

Find a slot machine that offers a good volatility / payout ratio (aka Return To Player).

Also, do not overlook the analysis of bonus features in the game in question. This increases the chances of winning the slot machine, your chances of always being in a game and most importantly of winning it.

So there is not just one strategy for winning at the casino.