5 Online Roulette Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Online roulette is first and foremost a game of chance because it is impossible to predict which number the ball will land on with each spin. Each spin is independent which means that it is not impossible for the ball to fall several times in a row on the same number or the same colour, although there is no number that most often falls on roulette. In order to counter this, it is important during your first online roulette games to employ a safe roulette strategy. This will allow you to become more comfortable with the game before you start taking a little more risk. With a well-crafted system like the ones presented here, you can easily beat roulette and learn step by step how to win roulette at the casino!

Roulette strategy # 1: Have a steel mind

In order to convince you to pay attention to our online roulette strategy section, we have decided to confront you with the myths that animate the superstitions on this game. Indeed, you will see that the charms and company will not allow you to climb the earnings scale. On the other hand, with the help of https://onlineapostas.com.br, we are going to explain to you how to acquire a winning mind, by destroying all these superstitions, and driving them out of your heads. You will find that a rational mind in online roulette will pay you more than a superstitious mind.

Let’s start with a first roulette strategy that looks like nothing, but which could greatly change the situation … If you bet too large sums during your first attempts, you run the risk of eating into your bankroll very quickly. and maybe even be discouraged for your next sessions. It is also important to be in a good state of mind when playing this will allow you to avoid big mistakes which cost dearly in the long run.

Roulette Strategy # 2: Don’t neglect outside bets

Specialists recommend that you opt for another roulette strategy: the use of so-called “outside” bets, whether at European roulette or even American roulette. Indeed, betting on numbers that would be red, black, even or odd would give you approximately a 47% chance of winning the game.

We are resourceful in the online casino world, and you will find that we have more than one trick up our sleeve to make you a winner.

Roulette strategy #3: Analyse the different martingales

Another roulette betting strategy is obviously the martingales. They usually consist of doubling the amount of the bet following a loss of money. It is often said that if the player wins using a martingale, he will eventually recover all of the initially lost stakes at one point or another, as soon as he wins a bet.

How to win roulette at the casino with this technique?

Frank plays £1 on red and loses his first bet. He decides to apply a martingale and then invests double, or £2 on the next move, which he also loses. £4 is then bet and lost, then £8, then £16 etc.

At this stage, he has therefore invested £31 in total. A red number comes out and he wins his bet, i.e. £32. Despite a series of bad luck, he therefore managed to cover his losses and even made a net gain of £1, which doubles his original stake.

The faults of martingales with the output of numbers

In the case we have just explored together, the martingale seems to be the best roulette strategy… However, it also displays significant flaws. Indeed, it only works in the ideal case where your bankroll is unlimited.

Even if the player for example continually bets on a red square, there is no guarantee that the dealer will not draw a black square over and over again. In addition, the player should rely on statistics that prove the unreliability of the Martingales:

Let’s assume that the roulette player has a budget limit and cannot exceed a wagering limit of 500 credits. If the latter starts with a single credit and continually doubles by following the Martingales instructions, he will only be able to do it 9 times.

From the tenth bet, the player will have exceeded the limit. Not only will he have spent 511 credits, but if his ten bets fail, he will actually have lost a lot more to the house edge.

Roulette strategy #4: Take into account the house advantage over the variants

If you think it is possible to beat roulette on a regular basis with a particular betting system like martingale, might not be enough. The only possible winner in the long run is the casino, given the advantage of zero (and double zero for American roulette). However, it does not say, in a lucky period, that you cannot win steadily through martingales and other methods. You will see that these methods will be very useful to you in case of doubts during your online roulette games! So how do you win at roulette?

Another essential aspect of online roulette strategies is that you should focus on games and casinos with the lowest possible house edge. The roulette house edge is always critical because it is constant. For American Roulette, it is generally set at 5.20% for only 2.70% in the case of European Roulette.

As you will have understood, it will be essential for the player to turn to the most lucrative variant possible. So avoid as much as possible the American version, and lean instead towards French, English or European roulette. On the latter, the rule of imprisonment is applied. However, it gives the casino an additional advantage. Our casino roulette strategy: avoid being put in prison and prefer sharing the stake (you immediately get back half of your investment).

Roulette Strategy #5: Consider the subdivision of capital in your strategies

If there is one strategy the player can afford to use on a roulette table, when roulette was starting to be all the rage in Los Angeles. Although it does not guarantee a clear victory, this method seems to hold up more than traditional martingales.

This strategy consists of dividing the player’s bankroll into 35 sub-divisions. Each of the 35 sub-divisions will form a betting unit which will allow you to bet on a specific number – it should be noted that Roulette has 35 squares. This process is smart: if the player wins from the tenth round, he recovers his entire bankroll and the remaining 25 sub-divisions form an additional winning option. This process allows you to keep the perfect balance and never lose too much money.