A Guide to Casino Bonuses

The internet holds a major attraction when it comes to gambling, since the vast majority of land-based alternatives are actually located far away from communities. This is sad in and of itself, but at the same time it opens up a whole new world of online games. One of the great advantages of online casino games is the fact that there are so many of them available, and therefore they struggle between getting hold of the players. The way they do it is to try to offer their customers the best terms, and this often involves various bonus offers.

The Welcome Bonus is the first bonus you get as a new customer at an online casino. There are various ways to distribute these bonuses, but many follow a rough template. First, you very often get a percentage-based bonus associated with your first deposit. The percentage level varies, but it is not uncommon for one to reach 200%, and sometimes even higher. For example, a deposit bonus of 100% means that you get your deposit doubled in the playing account. The bonus money is usually not withdrawable, and you usually have to play the deposit several times before you can play with the bonus money. There are also often turnover requirements associated with the bonus money. Some online casinos choose to give only one deposit bonus as a welcome bonus, while others choose to give bonus on the first two or three deposits. The bonus money you usually choose how you want to spend.

It is also not uncommon for you to receive some free spins “on the purchase” and these are often distributed either over several days or several weeks. Generally, these free spins will be directly linked to a specific machines, which means that you cannot choose where the spins are to be used. Sites such as OnlineCasinoSnoop.com offer a list of the best casino bonuses.

A little less common is to get absolutely free money, or bonuses that are not linked to deposits. These are often quite small, and are designed to give the customer a quick glimpse into the casino.

Loyalty Bonus

Of course, it does not pay to provide benefits to completely new customers, because then we would have all jump from one online casino to another. This is what many players have realised, and there are therefore different versions of loyalty programs and bonuses on the market. These may in turn be linked to deposits, or may be special tournaments or competitions open to registered members only. There are also many different VIP programs where you build up to more and more benefits the more you play. Often, you get access to extra bonus money or free spins that can be used in the casino.

Wagering Requirements

The vast majority of casinos operate with so-called wagering requirements associated with their bonuses. A wagering requirement is a requirement for how many times the money you have received must be traded before you have the opportunity to withdraw any winnings won with that money. The wagering requirements vary greatly from online casino to online casino, and in fact there are also casinos that offer revenue free bonuses. Exactly what applies to your bonus you will find in the terms of the bonus, which you should read carefully before receiving the bonus. Many online casinos have a wagering requirement of 35-45 times, which means that both deposits and bonuses must be traded this number of times before any winnings can be withdrawn. It may sound like a lot, but for an active player this is usually not a big problem. It is also worth noting that there are usually requirements related to how fast this is done. Turning the bonus 35 times in 60 days is much easier than doing it in three days. If you do not follow carefully what is required of claims, you risk losing the money you have won, so here it is important to be careful in the reading.

Bonus Codes

Bonus activation takes place in different ways at different online casinos, but it is not uncommon for you to enter your own codes in order to activate a bonus. These codes are often provided at the online casino itself, or one can search the web to find pages that offer such codes. Once you have become a customer you will also want to receive new codes by mail, which is often part of the aforementioned loyalty programs. However, not all websites use codes, but often you have to choose a bonus when making your deposit. A few websites require contacting customer service or using live chat to access the bonus money, but this is one of the rarities. Regardless, it pays to follow member profiles to see if new bonuses or offers are made available.