Ike Haxton wins Poker Masters short deck title and $176,000

Isaac ‘Ike’ Haxton walked off with $176,000 after winning the Poker Masters event yesterday to close in on Brandon Adams at the Purple Jacket leaderboard.

Haxton was one off 55 entrants that included stats Justin Bonomo and Rainer Kempe, but neither of the latter two were able to reach the final table.

The tournament saw a short deck game that sees the 2, 3, 4 and 5 cards removed to which eventual winner Haxton admitted afterwards that he was new to game, saying:

“I played my first hand of Short Deck yesterday! As the blinds got higher, I started to learn a little more and I was just all in a lot over the last thirty hands.”

Fellow professionals Andrew Robl and Maurice Hawkins both made the final table.

This variation of the game however, means that chip leads and favourites count for little compared to a normal game of poker. This was backed up by leader Dominik Nitsche falling first on the final day. He was quickly followed by Cary Katz and Robl.

After Ryan Tosoc was next to fall it left the final between Ike Haxton and Maurice going head-to-head.

The final battle could have gone either way but it was Haxton who caught his opponent in a huge pot and that would be that to see Ike lifting the inaugural Poker Masters Short Deck title and a cool $176,000 prize.

Final Table Results

1 Isaac Haxton $176,000
2 Maurice Hawkins $115,500
3 Ryan Tosoc $77,000
4 Andrew Robl $55,000
5 Cary Katz $44,000
6 Dominik Nitsche $33,000