Poker player loses 13,000 big blinds after showing opponent a card

A poker player made a costly mistake in a mega-deepstacked no-limit hold’em cash game held Monday evening at the Bicycle Casino outside Los Angeles, USA.

Video of the hand, posted to Live at the Bike’s Twitter account, began on the river. A player with the nickname “Bitcoin Yoda” bet $10,000 into a pot of $15,000. It was then on Eric Hicks on the button to make a decision.

The stakes in the game were only $5-$5 with a $5 ante, according to Live at the Bike. However, the game plays much bigger thanks to the Mississippi straddle.

While Hicks, who made a good run at this summer’s World Series of Poker main event, was contemplating his move, Bitcoin Yoda offered to show him a card. Hicks picked one, and Bitcoin Yoda flashed him the 3 of Spades. Hicks now knew he was up against at least the wheel, but possibly a six-high straight. However, it would be hard to imagine 6×3 Spades Suit getting to the river.

The table responded to the exposing of the card with incredulity, and Hicks didn’t take long before making it $25,000. Bitcoin Yoda quickly called with the 4 of Clubs and 3 of Spades Suit for a flopped straight. However, he was no good against Hicks’ 7 of Diamonds and 6 of Diamonds for a flush. Hicks raked in the pot worth 13,000 big blinds.

Bitcoin Yoda was a great sport about it, telling Hicks “nice hand.”