Examples of top Zen things to do!

Want to know how Zen you are?

Well take our test below and find out if you have what it takes to become a fully-fledged Zen!

Zen has certainly hit the western world in the past 50+ years. So we thought it would be a good idea to do a countdown of the most unusual Zen activities!

5. Yoga & Wine – is literally what it says on the tin! Enjoy a class of yoga in a beautiful and relaxing setting which is directly followed buy a wine tasting class. Both are certainly relaxing activities in my mind. So double up on the relaxation and try out a wine and yoga class.

4. Flower Arranging – Step back, take a deep breath and relax with, check out some fantastic Japanese flower arranging like Ikebana and see what work shop is like. You can even combine it with wine again in some classes!

3. Colouring-in Sheets – colouring-in is also for adults! Releasing your creative energy as you spend your morning colouring-in to relieve stress and bring calmness. Check out “Colour Me stress free” books for grown ups!

2. Rose Petal Baths – Put your favourite relaxing music on, light the candles and enjoy a stress-free soaking. Taking your mind of the chaos is a fantastic way to becoming more Zen!

1. Online Gaming – If you love games and meditation then what are you waiting for! This zen based game, its subtle and has a picturesque backdrop to the game. Although the Panda is wearing an upside wok on his head, but the humour makes it even more inviting. This is a great online slots game which combines the peaceful Zen approach and fun of online gaming.

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