Casino King Quiz – Are you a gambling genius?

All hail the king! The casino king, that is. Mastering casino games is a long and difficult road and getting your head around all the statistics and facts, not to mention the difficult maths that runs behind the games is a challenge that few are up to. Even fewer will be able to do that and also get a good feel for the world of casino, the details that go hand in hand and interesting trivia about the games and the players. That’s what this test is for, it’s going to see how good you are at the maths of casino play, how closely you pay attention to the news and the various high rollers who make their mark and more!

Whether you play at Betfair Casino or you’re strictly into the physical venues, you’re bound to have tried your hand at a few games over the years. You’ll have played blackjack, the classic advantage play game which requires you to keep track of the cards as they come out in order to beat the dealer at their own game. You may have tried craps and seen some impressive runs (though it’s doubtful that you’d have seen any that would beat one of the craps legends, like Stanley ’Golden Arm’ Fujitake), or been at the baccarat table in a certain casino city and landed a major win by betting on the dealer. All that experience will help you to see you way through this quiz!

If you’re a roulette fan, you won’t be alone, Sean Connery, for example, is a big fan of roulette and famously made one incredibly bold bet. He put money on number 17 a total of five times in a row, believing it to be his lucky number. He lost the first spin, and the second, but after that every spin came in as a 17! The odds of that happening are extremely slim, do you know what they are? Then you’d better answer that question as soon as get to the quiz!

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